The husband

Sharon Clark will never forget the day she met Giovanni Vigliotto. She was working in Indiana, as the manager of a large flea market. Early one morning, he walked into her office. "I'd like to rent some space at the flea market," he said. "I have a lot of used things to sell. Do you have any space?"
"Yes, I do," she answered.
When the flea market closed at the end of the day, Giovanni invented Sharon to have dinner with him. She was 43 years old, divorced, and a little lonely. She said yes.
For next four month Sharon saw Giovanni often. He was not a handsome man — he was short and heavy, and he had a big nose. But he was intelligent, polite and kind. She fell in love with him. "Marry me," Giovanni said.
Sharon thought it over. Her mind told her. "Don't do it. You don't know him well enough". But her heart told her, "Do it. Take a chance." Sharon listened to her heart and married Giovanni.
After they got married, Giovanni said he wanted to move to Canada. "I have a bountiful house there," he said. "Let's sell your house and move to Canada." Sharon sold her house and made a profit of $55,000. She wanted to take her furniture to Canada, so she and Giovanni rented a truck. "I'll drive the truck, and you drive your car," he said. "You'd better give me $55,000. It's dangerous for a women to travel with that much money."
"You're right," Sharon agreed, and she gave Giovanni the $55,000.
On the way from Indiana to Canada, Giovanni told Sharon he had to stop in Ohio on Business. "You go on ahead," he told her. They decided to meet at a hotel in Canada.
Giovanni never arrived at the hotel. At first Sharon was worried. "May be Giovanni was in an accident," she thought. She called to police in Ohio. "No," the police said, "Giovanni Vigliotto wasn't in an accident here." So where was Giovanni? He was gone, and so were her furniture and her money.
Sharon was angry. She wanted her furniture and her money back. She wanted to find Giovanni. "I met him at a flea market," she thought. "Maybe he's at a flea market somewhere."
For month Sharon went to flea markets all over the United States. At a flea market in Florida, she found Giovanni. He was selling used furniture. Some of it was hers. Sharon called the police.
When the police arrested Giovanni, Sharon's story was in newspapers and on TV. A woman in New Jersey called the police. "Giovanni is my husband, too!" she said. Then another woman called the police, and another, and another. "Giovanni is my husband!" the women said. All the women told similar stories: They met Giovanni at a flea market; they sold their houses; he took their furniture and their money. Altogether, 105 women were married to Giovanni.
A judge sentenced Giovanni to 34 years in prison. "I want you to stay in prison a long time," the judge told Giovanni. "I want to be sure there will be no wife number 106."