The love letters

Ming-fu mat Lee met at a party. For Ming-fu, it was love at first sight. "Hello," he said to Lee. "I'm Ming-fu." Lee looked at him and smiled. "Hi," she said. "I'm Lee." Ming-fu and Lee laughed and talked all evening. When they left the party, it was 2 A.M.
For the next year, Ming-fu and Lee were together every weekend. The went everywhere together — to movies, to parks, to museums, and to restaurants.
One night, at a romantic restaurant, Ming-fu asked Lee, "Will you marry me?" "No" Lee answered. "I'm not ready to get married."
"I can't believe it!" Ming-fu thought. "Lee doesn't want to marry me! I love her! What can I do?"
Ming-fu began writing letters to Lee. Every day he wrote a letter and mailed it to her. "I love you," he said in his letters. "Marry me."
Every day the same mailman delivered Ming-fu's letter to Lee. The mailman always smiled when he gave Lee a letter. "Another letter from your boyfriend," he said.
Ming-fu sent Lee a love letter every day for two years — 700 letters all together. Finally Lee said, "I'm ready to get married now."
Did Lee marry Ming-fu? No, she didn't. She married mailman who delivered Ming-fu letters.