The main issues of the day

Global problems of humanity — a set of socio-natural problems whose solutions depend on the social progress of humanity and the preservation of civilization. These problems are characterized by dynamism, having as an objective factor in the development of society and its decision to require the combined efforts of all mankind. Global issues are interrelated, covering all aspects of human life and concern of all countries of the world.

The global problems of modern existence and development of mankind:
prevention of nuclear war and ensure peace for all peoples, to prevent unauthorized dissemination of the international community of nuclear technology, environmental radioactive contamination;
regulation of rapid population growth;
prevent catastrophic pollution of the environment and reduce biodiversity;
providing human resources;
bridging the development gap between rich and poor countries, the elimination of poverty, hunger and illiteracy.
ozone hole
the problem of AIDS

Global problems are a consequence of the natural resistance of nature and human culture, as well as inconsistencies or incompatibilities divergent trends in the development of the human culture. The natural nature on the principle of negative feedback (see the biotic regulation), while human culture — on the principle of positive feedback.