The parking space

Alan Hell was 18. He drove a Mini, which is a very small British car. Alan loved his
car and he washed and polished it every day.
Last weekend he went into the centre of London, where it was busy and very difficult
to find a parking space. After thirty minutes Alan found an empty parking space but
he did not park his car in the space. Instead, he waited about thirty metres from it. A
minute later a car stopped and began to reverse into the space. Alan raced forward in
his Mini and sped into the empty parking space ahead of the other car. Alan got out of
his car and said,

"You have to be young and very fast to do that."

When the angry driver drove away Alan got back into his car and drove out of the
space. Once again he waited about thirty metres from the empty space.
The next car to come along was a beautiful white Rolls-Royce. The driver was an old
man. He started to reverse slowly into the parking space. However Alan raced forward
and shot into the empty space. Proudly, he got out of his car and looked at the old
man who had rolled down the window of his Rolls-Royce. Alan said,

"You have to be young and very fast to do that."

The old man did not look angry and he did not drive away. Instead he reversed his car
into the back of Alan's Mini. He went forward and then he reversed into the Mini
again. Alan watched in horror as the big car smashed into his little Mini. After a few
minutes his car was a wreck. He would not be able to drive it again. Alan stood with
his mouth wide-open, staring blankly at the driver of the Rolls Royce.
The old man got out of the Rolls-Royce, which was also badly damaged. He handed
Alan a card with his insurance details on it. He smiled and said,

“You have to be old and very rich to do that.”