The perfect partner

The Perfect Partner

Christian Gibson was a famous and successful fashion designer. His clothes were sold in the world's most exclusive shops. These clothes weren't cheap. A single dress could cost £5,000. Film stars, kings and queens were his regular customers. Christian was 54. He was a passionate man but his marriages never seemed to last long. He had been married and divorced five times. He was still friendly with his ex-wives and met them frequently. For Christian, women were the most desirable things in the world and he spent much of his time chasing them.
One July, Christian was at an international fashion show in Singapore. At a formal dinner party one evening, he became quite bored with the people at his table. He lit a cigar and looked round the room at the other tables and the people sitting at them. At one table he gazed in astonishment at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The woman was tall, blonde, with a face like an angel. Her eyes sparkled and were as blue as the sea. Her teeth were like snow and her smile warmed his heart. She was amazingly beautiful.
Christian's heart began to beat quickly. He decided that he had to meet this sensual woman. Luckily, he noticed that his second wife was also sitting at the table. She appeared to know the woman. He watched them talking amiably together. Then he took out a small sheet of notepaper and wrote, 'Who is that incredibly beautiful woman at the table?' He folded the paper and handed it to a waiter. He told the waiter to give it discreetly to his ex-wife.
Christian's second wife read the note. She looked at her gorgeous friend and then across at Christian. She smiled and wrote something on the notepaper. She sent the note back to Christian who snatched the note from the waiter. His hands shook as he unfolded it.
The note said,

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