The plastic house for tomorrow

New developments of architects are known today. One of them is a design of a new house. Young architects from the architectural department of the Rhode Island School of Design have designed tomorrow's houses. Such a house was designed with the help of research material by a graduate of this school. The system is based on cast plastic bubbles linked together It permits the creation of almost any size and shape of such house. The walls are giant curved sandwiches with rigid plastic as outside surfaces and foamed plastic between to act as insulation, I his house has features associating more and more with modern living I he huge glass areas admit a lot of light. At the same time it also lends to add outdoor space to the indoors and increases the feeling of speciousness. Another house is a beautiful example of what engineers like to call "blue sky thinking". Its skeleton is a coil of magnesium alloy covered by a vapor barrier and a sprayed coal also concrete. The floor is also concrete. If glass were desired, it could he set between the coils of the frame. The entire structure would rest on pieces of curved recast masonry. It is difficult to imagine such a house. On the contrary, the spiral framework would he compressed, just like a spring for shipment to the site. It is expanded, braced with welded pieces between coils there. A skin is applied. In this way the problem of manufacturing large pieces of house that are still transportable would be solved.