The tree of life subtitles

Where are you when I did the foundation of the earth?
When the morning started singing and all
God songs were filled with joy?
It was they who led me to your door.
The man has certain ways to get through life.
The way of nature.
And the way of grace.
You have to choose which of the two follow.
Grace does not attempt indulge herself.
Accept that throw a hand, ilvidada rejected.
ACPET insults and injuries.
Nature just trying to please himself.
God bless …
While running out to others.
… To love and respect …
Treat others with arrogance.
Bless these children.
It has its own ways.
Find reasons to be unhappy …
… With everyone shining around him.
And love to sonrrie through all things.
We were taught that anyone who love the way of grace …
… Has a happy ending.
I will be faithful …
… No matter what happens.
My son.
I want to die. Be with him.
He is now in the hands of God.
All the while he was in God's hands.
Is not it true?
My everything.
My God.
I will fear no evil.
Not listen to bad here because these me.
What did you win?
Stay close to me that problems are nearby.
Come on, we're fine.
We're fine.
Thank you.
You must calm your mind.
You have to be strong.
I know the pain will pass with time …
… May seem …
… What I'm difficult saying, but true.
I do not want to.
Life goes on.
People spend.
Nothing is the same.
You still have the other two.
The Lord gives and takes.
Here's how it is Him
Send flies to injury He should heal.
We never had the opportunity to tell you how I felt.
I even …
… Paid him in the face for no reason.
He sat beside me on the piano and I criticized him how to turn the pages.
You may feel shame.
Why shame?
Poor boy.
How did you get me?
In what way?
In what guise?
I see what kind it was.
I see my brother.
He died when I was 19 years.
Check this against this.
He wants us back together.
But the story is over.
What will you do?
When you're young everything It's your career.
I feel that …
The world has gone and the dogs are still getting greedy.
Are you going next?
I try to get into their minds.
You have to aconfirmar.
Dad, I regret what I said.
Yes, I think of him every day. Not should have said that. Sorry.
What are you thinking?
I'm just cruel to those customers who refuse.
How did this year?
Find me.
How she endured?
Was I wrong with you?
Lord …
Where were you?
Did you know?
Who are we to you?
Answer me.
A quick tour for you.
My soul.
My son.
Light up my life.
I looked for you.
My everything.
My child.
I talked through it.
You spoke with me from the sky.
Before I knew I loved you …
… Who believed in you.
When you touched my heart first?
That man takes refuge in him of sins, the world y. ..
This really is a fighter.
What is this?
— Two crocodiles. — Two cocdrilos.
— Babysitting. — Babysitting.
I know.
No. No!
I found it.
You've already grown before that this tree is high.
My father.
Are you afraid?
Fear not.
Come here. Child back out of there who is spencer yard. Yes?
You see this line?
Crosses not understand?
Do you understand?
Do you see this line? Look here.
Return child return.
Mentengamonos away.
''The Mrs., rabbit said one morning, my dear,
You can go to the field and down the path.
Do not meddle in the sr patio.