The true story

They were two Friends one of them was Smart the other one was Simple Minded. One day , the Smart One went to his Friend And tells him that he has Trouble at work. He tells him that he needs money. His Friend would never break his Heart and gives him all the money he has. The Smart One clears the Trouble some time later, and again the Smart One comes to his Friend again. He tells him that he really likes his Fiancee and that he should leave her after that his friend was really surprised and didn’t know what to say but their Friendship was so strong that he couldn’t say no to his friend and left his Fiancee.
Time goes by, and the Simple Minded had trouble and apparently his friend comes to his mind. Thinking , that he helped him out when he was in trouble he went to see his friend and asked for job but his friend didn’t give him a job. So he went back with sadness and sorrow but he still can’t be angry with his friend one day, when he was walking around, an ill and old man comes his way. He told him that he is poor and can’t buy medicine so he invited him to his house and bought medicine for ill and old man and old man stays with him moreover they spend good time together.
Short time later the old man died. The old man was very rich and left all he had to our Simple Minded. In spite of that his heart was broken our Simple Minded buys a house in front of the working place of his friend.
Months passed and one day, and an old beggar woman comes to his house, the old woman says that she is very hungry and begs him to give her something to eat without thinking about that, he takes her in and fills her stomach. He found out that she is all alone and tells her he is all alone too. He tells her, that if she wants to, she can stay here with him. See offered him that she would do housework and cooking. Later she says to our Simple Minded that he needs to marry. The Simple Minded says that he doesn’t know how to find right girl. The old woman says she knows someone and if he wants she can arrange a date for him. After several dates, they want to marry and they send out invitations. Despite of his heart was broken he still couldn’t forget about his Friend and sends and invitation to him too.

The Day of the Wedding comes…

The Simple Minded takes microphone because he wanted to say something to the guests and began to tell what happened in his life.
"In the past I had a really good friend. One day , when he had trouble, he came to me and asked for money. I gave him all money I had. Then he told me, that he likes my Fiancee and wants me to leave her. Shedding tears inside, I left her because, we were true Friends also I didn’t want to make him sad/ And, when I had trouble, I went to his working place and asked for a job but he didn’t give me a job. I was really sad, nevertheless I’m still not angry with my Friend because we are true Friends".
Hearing that, the Smart one couldn’t hold himself back and took microphone and started to talk too. "In the past I had a really good Friend too. When I had trouble I asked him for money and he gave me all the money he had. Later I wanted his Fiancee. With sadness and pain, he left his Fiancee too. But, the true reason of wanting his Fiancee was that she was a cheater and not good enough for my Friend. He was simple minded so it was only way to rescue him. When he had trouble he came to my working place and asked for a job. I couldn’t let my best Friend work under my command that’s way I didn’t give him a job. The old man he met one day was my father.