The underground (my own story)

One evening Jack Harris was returning from his job. He went down in the underground. There were a lot of people, hurrying and running. Jack went up to the platform and heard a noise of an approaching train. Then he noticed that a green fog and strange train stopped in front of him and doors opened. It had only five carriages. Four of them were empty. An old woman with despair in her eyes was sitting in the last carriage. ‘The strangest thing was that nobody could see this train’ thought Jack. However he was mistaken. One girl could see it too. She had long blonde hair and looked gloomy and vacant. She came into the carriage – Jack was open-mouthed with astonishment. The train doors closed and the train left the station.
That night Jack couldn’t fall asleep for a long time, because he thought and thought and thought about it, and couldn’t understand what exactly had happened. Eventually, Jack fell asleep, and then he had a nightmare. Next morning in the local newspaper Jack found an article about tragic shop fire where shop assistant and one customer died and there was a photo of them. Jack recognized the girl with long blonde hair and the old woman who had sat in the train previous evening. Jack could not believe his eyes.
The following day Jack Harris was in the underground again. He spent all day waiting for the strange train. It arrived only by midnight. There were about ten people on the station. Jack noticed a man who was staring at the five-carriage train. The man was in his early forties, he also had a black beard. Jack guessed that this man would enter the train unless he stopped him. Jack went up to him and tried to draw man’s attention away from the mystery train. Jack told him that he was doing a research, so he wanted to interview some local residents. The man was surprised and annoyed at the same time. Fortunately, Jack got his way and the train went away empty. When Jack returned home he was absolutely exhausted, so he immediately went to sleep. Harris dreamed that he was sitting in the old train, there was nobody. The train went trough the darkness. Jack stood up and went to the driver’s carriage. The driver was blind but he knew that Jack was there, so he asked: ‘Why didn’t you let that man die? He must be dead! You will be sorry for it!’ Jack was amazed and he could not say anything. The driver continued: ‘And what are you doing here? Your time hasn’t come yet! Get off!’ And Jack woke up.
In the evening Harris turned on the TV. In the news they said that new supermarket had been set off explosion. Hundreds of people had been dead. The police arrested the prime suspect… Jack recognized the man with black beard who was saved by him…