Thirteen (shopping for food) at the supermarket

Tom: How about chicken for dinner tonight?
Kathy: Sounds good. Do you have the shopping list?
T: No, I don’t.
K: I don’t either. It’s probably at home on the kitchen counter.
T: Great! Do you have any idea what we need?
K: Well, the chicken and something to serve on the side.
T: How about vegetables and rice?
K: Fine. I’ll get some carrots and a package of rice.
T: I think we’re out of milk. I’ll get some.
K: Oh. And let’s get some eggs for tomorrow morning.
T: You’re not supposed to eat so many eggs. It’s not good for you.
K: Look who’s talking. With your usual diet of meat and potatoes,
you’re a real health nut.
Cashier: Your total is twenty three eighty three.
K: Here you go.
C: Out of thirty. Six dollars and seventeen cents is your change.
T: Oh, no!
K: What?
T: The chicken!