Thirty (household chores) at the dinner table

Jill: Wow! That lasagna was delicious.
Ken: Thank you. Does anybody want dessert?
Sandy: Yeah, ice cream sounds good to me.
J: No, thanks. I’ve been gaining too much weight lately.
S: Oh, now you’re making me feel guilty.
K: OK. Who’s going to wash the dishes?
J: Not me. I’ve been cleaning the bathroom every weekend.
I even scrubbed the bathtub really well.
S: It’s not my turn. I’ve been dusting the furniture for the last three months.
Besides, I vacuumed yesterday.
K: Well, I just cooked dinner. I’m not going to do the dishes also.
J: OK, OK. Sandy and I will do them together.
S: Fine. You wash and I’ll dry.