Three. (asking for information) where are my keys

Chin: Mom, where are my blue pants?
Mother: Check in your room.
C: No, they’re not there.
M: Then look on the ironing board.
C: OK. Here they are! Mom!
M: Yes, Chin, what is it now?
C: Sorry, but I can’t find my sneakers.
M: I’m sure you know where they are. Just think for a minute.
C: Oh! Now I see them. I guess you’re right.
M: Of course I am. I’m your mother.
C: Well, then tell me where my car keys are.
M: How about in your coat pocket?
C: No!
M: Maybe they’re in your gym bag.
C: Great! They’re here. Thanks, Mom. See you later!
M: Bye! Someday he’s going to lose his head!