Transport. (phrasebook)

Where may I park here?
I'd like to draw petrol.
Full gas tank, please.
My car doesn't start.
Your driving licence, please.
Could you please tell me, when I should get off (change)?
Where can I rent a car?
How much does it cost to rent a…for a week?

When is the next flight?
Please one ticket to economy class (business class / first class / smoking / non-smoking).
Did the announcer call our check in (boarding)?
Seat near the window (gangway) please.
Where is the boarding?
When are we to land?
Is the flight delayed?

Where can I buy the ticket?
What bus (street railway, subway line) shall I take to get…
How many stops are left till…?
What is the next stop (station)?
Where is the nearest bus (tram) stop / underground station?
How can I find my luggage?