Tricky interview questions

Olivia: How do you manage the combination of deadlines, workloads, and unexpected additional work or situations?
John: I have good organization skills, keep a daily planner handy at all times and know how to prioritize my work. I stay focused on the task at hand 'till it is complete. Completing the task in a timely manner allows to have some time for unexpected situations.
O: You need to do some research to make a decision. List the steps, in order, that you would take.
J: First I collect the data, then analyse it. Following the analysis of the data comes evaluation and finally — decision making. After the decision's been made the situation must be monitored.
O: What are your greatest strengths?
J: I think that my greatest strength is that I care about my customers. This is something that I believe you cannot fake and which is at the root of my consistent success.
O: How can you deal with your subordinates even if your business goes shaky?
J: I am glad you asked that question. If a company I worked for were having problems, I would make sure that we as a team understand that we are positive and continue to do our job to the best of our ability. We would continue to do the service our customers and let them know we can assist them no matter what.
O: Why should I hire you?
J: Because I am very well qualified. I like to interact with people and I am willing to always put my customers first. I mantain a positive attitude in the most stressful situations. I know how to resolve a conflict.