Twenty four (renting a car) at a car rental agency

Mark: Hello. I would like to rent a car for two days.
Agent: OK. What kind of car did you have in mind?
M: The smallest and the cheapest one you have will do.
A: A sedan is the least expensive car we have. We have one that is very economical.
M: Sounds good.
A: May I see your driver’s license, please?
M: Sure, here you go.
A: Thanks. Please fill out this form.
Write your address, and sign your name at the bottom of the page.
The price includes unlimited mileage and the mandatory collision insurance.
M: Oh, great! That’s better than I thought.
A: Here are your keys.
M: Do I have to return the car to this location?
A: No, you can drop it off at any of our local branches.
M: Thanks.
A: You’re welcome. Drive safely and buckle up!