Twenty one (u.s. federal agencies) at the post office

Clerk: Next!
Evelyn: Good morning. I need five airmail stamps, please.
C: Sure. Anything else?
E: Yes. I also want a money order for two hundred dollars.
C: OK. Please fill out these three forms and sign here.
E: Fine.
C: You are sending the money order within the United States, aren’t you?
E: No, it’s going to Argentina.
C: In that case, you need to fill out this form as well.
E: Another form?
C: Yes, sorry. Can I help you with anything else?
E: Yes, you have passport applications, don’t you?
C: Well, for that you’ll have to go stand in that line over there.
E: You’re kidding, aren’t you?
C: No, unfortunately I’m not.
E: How frustrating!
C: I know it is. Sorry about that.