Two. (family relationship) at a party

Peter: Hello!
Linda: Hi Peter, come on in.
P: Thanks. Where’s everyone else?
L: My sister and her husband are in the kitchen.
Two or three other people are in the kitchen, too.
P: This is a very nice apartment.
L: Thanks. My parents own it.
P: I see. Is this a picture of your parents over here?
L: Yes, this is my entire family.
P: Who’s who?
L: Well, these are my parents, Linda and Joseph.
P: And who’s this?
L: This is my brother Thomas. I also have a sister but she’s not in the picture.
She’s here tonight.
P: And who’s the little girl?
L: Well, that’s me, of course.
P: Really? You still have the same beautiful smile!
L: What a sweet thing to say!
P: Well, that’s the kind of guy I am.