United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland (beginners)

Usually people call it England or Britain but this is wrong. Real name of the country is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Great Britain is a big country in western Europe. It is situated on British Isles and Northern Ireland is a part of island of Ireland.
United Kingdom or UK has got four parts. England is the biggest one. Its capital is London. It is also the capital of Great Britain. Scotland has got a lot of mountains and lakes. Lakes in Scotland are called "lochs". The biggest lake is called Loch Lomond but the most popular is probably Loch Ness. People believe that prehistorical monster lives there. They call it Nessie. Wales is very small. The word "wales" means "foreigners" on Old English. Its capital is Cardiff. People in Wales speak English and Welsh. The Northern Ireland is situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland. It is famous for its green meadows. Irish tap dancing has become popular all over the world.
The name Britain is really old. People who lived on the islands long ago were named Britons. So Britain was the land of Britons.