What are you going to do after you graduate from high school?
I am going to enter the university.
I am going to go to college.
Did you mail out your application yet?
Which university did you choose?
You have to go to the admissions office to get some information.
Are you going to apply for financial aid?
Although I don't think I qualify — I still will apply
The tuition is high, I don't think I can afford it
Where is the financial aid office?
When is registration day?
Are you going to be a full-time student?
Otherwise you can't get financial aid
How many credits did you register for?
When is the first day of school?
I am going to take a leave of absence this term
What is your tuition?
What subjects are you taking this term?
I am taking math, chemistry, computer science and accounting
Did you pass your midterm exams?
When are your finals?
Are you an undergraduate or a graduate student?:6s9.htm:
Who is your professor?
Our professor is a dummy.
Не is very bright.
What is your major?
I am majoring in psychology.
I am a chemistry major.
I have not decided yet.
How many years do you have to go yet?
Are you allowed to smoke in the classroom?
Where do you study?
I have a test tomorrow.