Weather in new york

Ted — Let 's go to the USA and make a film about it !
Liz — OK. It will be great . But what's the weather like there?
Ted — It is 70 degrees in New York. The sun is shining,and it is gettind very warm.
Liz — 70? are you sure ? I think it is very hot .
Ted — Ha-ha-ha! Don't be fanny ! In Russia and Great Britain we speak about "degrees Ceisius", but Americans have got "Fahrenheit". So the weather is fine now.
Liz — Really ? And what's the weather like when it is 10 or 15 ?
Ted — It is very cold and frosty. With 30 or 40 , it is snowy. When it is 50 or 60 degrees, it is a little bit cool , cloudy and windy. But with 80 , it gets really warm and nice .
Liz -Now I see. Fine them . Let's go to New York and enjoy the weather !