What can we do to reduce traffic in our city

Heavy traffic is one of the most serious problems that our cities have to deal with nowadays. Whot can we do ,then ,to reduce traffic in our city centres?
To begin with, it is important to improve public transport to improve public transport and to encourage people to use it to commute to work and school. The result would be fewer cars in the city and consequently fewer traffic jams.
Another solution would be to encourage people to participate in car sharing programmes. This means several employees would share one car to work instead of each coming in their own car.
Again, this would reduce the number of cars on the streets.
4.Finaly,it would be o good idea to create more cycling lanes. If this was done ,people would be encouraged to cycle instead of taking their car.
5 To sum up, there are many ways to reduce traffic in the city. Applying just some of these ideas would result in a lot less traffic in our citizen.