What will the world be in 100 years

What will the world be in 100 years?
That is very interesting question. I think even in 30-50 years all transport will be fully automated, the professions of pilot, driver will disappear. The only thing that restrains the development of automation is the development of system of AI — artificial intelligence.
I don't know how long will it take for society to have flying cars, but I hope in 100 years every street will be build in the air and you will drive on the height of a few kilometers. Flying cars will certainly be cool. Also we will travel to distant galaxies on a space ships or by using transporters. Even now it is a reality — last year one scientist managed to teleport a proton over four miles. But for now the idea that anything bigger than a proton can be teleported is a fantasy.
And not forget there will be innovations in genetic engineering. Whether this is good or bad — who knows? The opinions are different. But imagine your heart is not beating well anymore and you just cultivate a new one. Also a human brain finally will be reproduced by computer technologies.
Of course, bad things might happen and it could be that the human species will be wiped out, if not by humans themselves by an asteroid perhaps. However, I hope humans have a brighter future and can achieve much much more in all fields like arts and technology.
One of the most confusing experiments occurred when quantum physicians Bohr observed electrons, and they sometimes acted as waves, sometimes like particles, depending of observer expectations. Without watching them, they exist just as a set of probabilities. Our future is also just a set of probabilities until is observed, on one way or another. And knowing that, by observing our future we actually create it.
So in the end the future seems to create a totally different world, with its advantages and disadvantages.