Where am i? (phrasebook)

What's the time?
It's a quarter past (to) …
It's half past …
In half an hour (in three days / in a week / in a month)
What month is it now?
What day is it today?
Where are you going?
Where is the exit here?
Where is the toilet here?
Take me to…
Do you know where … is ?
I don't know the way.
Write down the address, please.
Do you know where … is ?
Could you tell us the way to … ?
Is it far from here?
Is there a travel agency near here?
Have you got a city plan?
What direction should I take to get to…
How much is the fares on underground / bus?
Where is the taxi station?
Where does this road lead?
How much time do I need to get to…
Can you draw the route for me, please?
The museum (cinema / stadium / entertainment center / supermarket) is near the hotel.
First you turn to the left (to the right) and then you go straight.
At the corner you should turn to the left / right.
I've lost my way.
Show me it on the map, please.
Is there any motel (service center / filling station) on the way?
Do you know any good supermarket (bookshop, confectionery, cinema, night club) here?