Which americans and other native english speakers are aware of phrasal verbs

The only Native English Speakers(NESs) I see or hear that are actually consciously aware that phrasal verbs exist are news editors (newspaper, magazine, Internet, radio or TV). Why is this so? Because their job is to take factual yet boring academic English regardless of who wrote it (Russian, North American, British, etc.) and make the article more interesting by replacing the one-word academic action verb with a with a more attractive “cool” phrasal verb in the article’s headline which is usually no longer than 5 words.

Why do this? Good question! The reason is that your eyeballs will stay on the page longer with an interesting article headline hopefully long enough to see the advert on that page. Oh, you thought that news was made to inform you. Well, yes and no. Newspapers need to pay their bills too like you pay yours so the longer your eyes are on any page the greater the probability that you will look at the adverts on each page and possibly buy the advertised product.

by Dr. George W. Dole (toeflmoscow.ru)