Yoga… the surest way of complete health

The Importance of Yoga Poses:
Yoga poses have been developed over centuries of research and experience. They have been found to be extremely effective in:
Increasing flexibility of the body and freeing all the energy blocks. Besides increasing flexibility, this leads to a healthier body.
Helping to lose excess flab and weight — another cause of ill health.
Massaging the internal organs of the body and the rarely stimulated parts
such as the thyroid gland.
Helping to treat several health disorders — from common ones such as backaches and arthritis to 'seemingly' unrelated disorders such as stammering.

Meditation, Pranayama (Breathing), Relaxation and Cleansing
These are very important aspects of yoga, yet the most ignored. A complete yoga session should include these aspects which results in HUGE benefits in terms of:
Correcting metabolic disorders.
Overcoming stress and mind behaviors that seem beyond your control.
Changing firmly entrenched attitudes or personality disorders.