You work and study

You work and study, climb the career ladder and at a certain moment you understand that you have full chaos in the head and in the soul. You have fragments of
knowledge, grains of experience, feelings all mixed together. It is impossible to do
without a guru in this situation. For me SSE acted as a wise teacher that helped
me to sort out and systematize the knowledge in a quiet, easy and friendly manner,
opened new facets in the world that looked so old and familiar and returned balance
and comfort to my world.
Any manager has serious deficit of communication with equals in an unofficial easy
atmosphere. The working relations are built mostly along a vertical. From this point
of view education in SSE is an ideal site for communication and mutual enrichment
with knowledge, emotions and experience. It turns out that many problems that
have seemed impossible to solve have been already solved by someone. This is
The most interesting and important in the process of education in SSE was watching yourself as if from aside. Every module is like a puzzle that is fit to the necessary
place. The result is a beautiful and understandable picture. Only all this happens in
your head. This was cool!