Your speciality

It goes without saying that if you want to be a good specialist you should have deep knowledge in domain of your profession, and also high level of craftsmanship, and talent of course. But having all of these qualities don't let to say about you as a comprehensively-educated person. Today it is necessary to have some knowledge in different spheres of life, such as culture, politics, economics and so on. A person who is capable of speaking about all of these themes is a very interesting interlocutor. And it is an overall-educated person.
For example, students of Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts study not only art subjects, such as drawing, painting, they also study foreign languages, history, mechanics, economics, psychology and so on. The success of designer depends on his talent, knowledge and skills. We need to be well-informed about scientific progress and newest technologies. It is necessary for us to take in account needs and tastes of consumers. Our products must be not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. And if we will work in foreign country, first of all we should learn traditions and customs of ones to create products in accordance with it.
In conclusion must be said that everything is changed, different discoveries are made in the world constantly, and having knowledge we got in the institute is not enough to be indeed comprehensively-educated persons. We should learn something new every day, because knowledge is power.