Yu wo. 1/2 prince. volume 2. fantasy and reality

Chapter 1: Tournament, Begin

Wearing the Blood Tiara that the team had given me, my heart was overwhelmed with emotion and I hardened my resolve. We will create a legend together, a legend that belongs to us. I closed my eyes and gathered my focus, calming down before I gradually reopened them. With self-confidence and determination etched in my expression, I gave the rest of Odd Squad a smile and took the first step in the journey to creating our legend, the first step onto the stage where we would perform, the first step into…the tournament arena.
Within the arena, the announcer loudly introduced himself. “Hello everyone, I’m your commentator for today, Xiao Li. Let us begin by introducing the two teams who will be fighting in this match! First, coming out from the west entrance is the Perfect Princess Team! The Perfect Princess Team is led by Perfect Princess, a mage of the elf race. Their five other members are a beastman warrior, a human warrior, an elf archer, a human archer and an angel priest.”
I walked over to stand at the very front of our squad. Judging by the thunderous cheers filling the stadium, it seemed that our opponents had already stepped out into the arena. Don’t tell me that the Perfect Princess Team is that famous? Looks like I’m really out of the loop, seeing as I’ve never even heard of them. It doesn’t matter anyway, since Odd Squad will definitely defeat them and become renowned throughout the whole of ‘Second Life’!
Mic in hand, the tournament’s commentator loudly introduced the next team to enter the arena. “Now, coming in from the east entrance is Odd Squad! Odd Squad has an extremely peculiar team composition consisting of an elf warrior, an elf thief, a beastman priest, an angel necromancer, a demon bard and a human mage!”
Murmurs began to run through the crowd immediately. “What a weird team!”, “Extreme Squad?1 What a weird name!”, and other similar comments could clearly be heard.
“If this team isn’t the lousiest team around, then they’ll have to be one of the best…” Perfect Princess Team’s strategist, the angel priest, muttered quietly to himself.
“It doesn’t matter what kind of team they are. You guys will obtain victory for me, right?” the eye-catching beauty, Perfect Princess, asked sweetly as she addressed her team members – though to me, it seemed more like she was cajoling her suitors! The five guys immediately nodded fervently.
Amidst the murmurs of the crowd, I slowly stepped into the tournament arena. As usual, wherever I went I was met with a stunned silence. My looks usually possessed a lot of devastating power, but now, coupled with a tiara that could only greatly increase my attractiveness, that destructive power immediately jumped from 100% to 200%! I ignored the crowd’s stares (Sigh, after being stared at for so long, I’ve already become accustomed to it…) and instead looked directly at our opponents for today: the Perfect Princess Team.
Initially, I’d thought that this team would be made up of six girls. To my surprise, it was made up of only one girl and five guys! In my heart I kept thinking, That girl is acting as though she’s bringing her own Inner Court2 to participate in this tournament and yet her looks aren’t even nearly a match for Lolidragon’s. I’m so envious…! Ah, no…I’m a guy right now; there’s nothing to be envious about!
Setting my envy aside, the other five team members and I each took our places and struck the pose that Lolidragon had spent three days teaching us.