Yu wo. 1/2 prince. volume 4. the buskers of infinite city

Chapter 1: Infinite City Will Never Fall

“Don’t bother about me! Hurry up and riddle them with arrows!” howled Fan, who was pinned to the ground under Wolf-dàgē’s foot.
I raised my eyebrows, but just as I was about to say something…
“The mages have already cast a protective barrier around us, so long-range attacks from archers should be useless against us,” Broken Sword said doubtfully. “Has Fan become so consumed with rage that he’s lost his mind? Why would he give such an order?”
“Even if he were to give orders, why would he so openly announce them? Why didn’t he use the PM system?” Wicked analyzed calmly. “I think he must have given a different order via the PM system. Looking at the current situation, he probably ordered them to charge and then have the thieves or warriors with high agility rescue him during the attack.”
“That’s right; we must not fall into his trap. We should start forming our defensive line right away.” A woman with a commanding aura walked up to us. She looked like she was going to give orders, but after some hesitation, she looked at me, “Liege lord, is the formation of our defensive line at this time acceptable?”
I smiled while looking at her, Wow, such a cool, smart, and beautiful girl–but who on earth is she? I was puzzled, but still dutifully answered, “Of course it is, but please ask the mages to remove the protective barrier and attack the enemy’s rear with AoE1 magic attacks, or help our side defend with simple spells.”
She was struck dumb, then replied frantically, “No, we can’t do that! If the opponent switched to attacking us with arrows or spells, we would sustain heavy damages due to our tight formation.”
“Believe me, there will be no problems.” I looked at her resolutely, “There is no time to explain now. Please, just follow my orders.”
Despite my words, she continued to look dubious. She turned towards Zui as though looking for help. “Do as the liege lord orders,” Nan Gong Zui said without any hesitation, as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
“Prince, please stand back a bit.” Wicked said coolly, “You are our leader; your job is to give us instruction and to be our pillar of spiritual support. The front line is not your place.”
My face dropped. But I want to fight too! I stared at Wicked with a pitiful expression, but even acting pitiable was of no use this time, as Wicked’s determined expression did not even flicker, so I could only rub my nose and obediently listen to his words.
“I will stand back. Kenshin, remember to help me protect them,” I said to Kenshin, feeling disgruntled.
I walked to the back and stood in front of the group of mages. I saw that our opponents already stood in their offensive formation and White Bird had also given the orders for defense, so now both sides seemed to be waiting for a signal to start the battle.
“Prince, are we really going to remove the protective barriers?” Rose and the other mages asked with some hesitation.
I gave a wave of my hand while keeping my eyes trained on the tense situation in front, “Yes! All of you should just attack with spells without worries.”
I suddenly thought of something, and turned towards Sunshine to ask, “Sunshine, can you use the spell that’s able to chase people? The one you told me about before?”
Sunshine smiled gracefully, “Guided Arcane Missiles? Yes I can, but I will need a long time to lock onto the enemies.”