Мистический праздник Хеллоуин / Halloween is a mystical holiday

Halloween is a world-famous festival, which is the interplay of Celtic tradition to worship evil spirits, and Christian, all the saints. Its history goes back far into antiquity.Celtic year was divided into two parts-winter and summer. These people believed that in winter the sun was captured by Samheyn – tsar of dead men. They believe that at Halloweeen night Samheyn opened the gates of hell in the past and future, those guarding the gates of the shadow of the custodians (witches, demons, ghosts etc.). Celts believed that at Halloween night the souls of dead people came down to earth to complete unfinished business, while they can take any shape they liked, and the most evil soul could enter black cats.

When the Romans conquered the Celtic territory, they established their holiday rituals and traditions. The celebration took place on 31 of October at night in honor of the goddess Pomona, whose symbol was an apple. Nowadays there is such a tradition, as a game with apples, she took the beginning from the day of Pomona. In the seventh century Halloween was accepted as the Feast of All Saints. Although the church was against the traditions of coaxing the evil spirits, they could not do anything, and the holiday merged with Halloween. Halloween came to America with immigrants from Ireland and gained great popularity. During this festival people dress up, frighten and played tricks. The main attribute is a pumpkin with carved eyes, nose and mouth. There are many different views of the appearance of this attribute. The Romans pumpkin labeled wandering souls, druids put them near the house to scare ghosts. There is a legend about a drunk Jack who tricked the devil. He was forced to renounce Satan of his soul, but in heaven the soul of Jack could not enter and was forced to wander forever in the void. And that the soul could see the way the devil had given it a turnip lantern with embers inside. In the 19 century some people tried to oliminate the mystical roots of the festival. That is why many traditions and features of the festival have been lost. Many of us forgot that the essence of Halloween is to understand the link between past and future.

Today Halloween is celebrated around the world. This unusual holiday charms by its traditions and customs, which have gone through many centuries and come down to us.