Пусть надежда не умрет никогда! / Let the hope never die!

One day when our teacher asked us if we knew without what we couldn`t live, at first it seemed to us that the question was very simple. And we said at once that we couldn`t live without food, water, sunlight.

But then when we had thought a little, we remembered that during the hungry years the people had their own gladnesses, holidays, which helped them to cope with the difficulties. They lived and hoped for the best life.

So, what do the people need if they want their life not to be dull and senseless?

Of course the hope!

The rich and the poor person need it. It helps the man not only to realize dreams and aspirations, but also save from death.

Let`s remember, for example, Alexei Mares`ev or Elena Berezhnaya. just the hope helped them to survive and achieved their object. And there are a lot of such examples!

So, the hope feels our life with sense and makes us stronger and be able to struggle for our dream!