Мой любимый праздник / My favourite holiday

My favourite holiday is New Year. From all holidays I look forward only it. At school we prepare for it for some weeks. We have a tradition: 11 class has the right to conduct the concert. For each class it is the first time. Each class tries to make New Year remembering. And still it is necessary to decorate a class on a plot New Year`s fairy tales. As it is necessary to draw the newspaper on the same time. And still we at school have a remarkable tradition. For the decorated class we get points. Who will receive more points will win. At the end of a quarter by tradition the cup which is transferred from one winnerto another is handed over to the winner. New Year passes in school very cheerfully and I hope it is remembered to all graduates of our school.

New Year does not differ from other holidays in our families. But all the same I wait for it very mach. To celebrate New Year all native gather. At first we see off Old year then we meet New Year. Then we go to look at salute. After that in the family we hold competitions/ New Year I wait strongly. May be because the new life comes with it.