Мои каникулы / My Holidays

I usually go on holiday in the country. There I love being because there my favorite dogs, fresh air, and always different adventures, I love playing with my dogs who all time spend of home. I love telling with my grandmother and play table games with my grandfather and brother. For example, I raid horses with my father and brother and I also was in a farm, where we can see cows, pigs, horses and sheep. I like very much raid horses.

I get very many emotions! In the farm it is interesting too. My father taught us to milk cows. I prefer going on holiday both in summer in winter. In summer because I can swim in the river or lake, I can eat fresh berries and vegetables, run with cows onmeadow, go to the forest for the mushrooms. In winter because I can ski go to the forest and play a funny games.

Later that come to warm home and eat grandmother`s tasty hot pies. I don`t like to go a large group of people. I prefer to go on holiday with my father and brother.