Новогодний праздник / The New Year`s Day

The New Year`s Day is celebrated on the first of January. Every time I prepare for New Year`s Day. I decorate New Year`s tree with beautiful toys. I cut many paper snow-flakes and hang them in my room. I make different presents for my family and relatives. The members of my family also buy different presents for each other and for me. Besides they buy many sweets and other food products.

On the New Year`s Eve my mother cooks delicious dishes.

I like New Year because on this day we don`t have to go to bed early. We spend half of the night eating delicious foods, watching TV, talking with each other. We go out and set off a lot of fireworks.

It`s a very cheerful holiday, and in the morning I love getting up very early, go to the New Year tree and look at the presents.