Туризм сегодня / Tourism today

Tourism is becoming popular now. More and more people go abroad not only for business trip, but for holiday.

On the one hand tourism is good, because people learn more about the world and gain useful things for themselves. They meet new people, make friends, communicate and improve their languages. Sometimes sick people need doctor from another country and touristics companies help to make a fast flight. And other countries have interesting places and healthy programmes which we cannot find in Russia.

On the other hand tourism makes people less hardworking and patriotic. People forget about culture and the places of interests in thier native country. Sometimes people begin to think that their country is worse, dirtier and less beautiful than others. And it is horrible! People must think about their native country at first. They must love it and protect from any enemies.

In my view tourism is good. It is so interesting but we must not forget our country. We cannot imagine how many wonderful and mysterious places there are in our native country!