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English Idioms time

1. rave about something — to talk very enthusiastically about something: ‘Jan raved about Tarantino’s new film. Apparently it’s great.’

2. hit the roof — to get very angry about something: ‘When June saw how much Pete had spent on his new car she hit the roof.’

3. call it a day — to decide to stop working or doing an activity usually because you are tired or you have done enough: ‘I’m really tired. Let’s call it a day. We can finish the cleaning tomorrow.’

a. be up for something — to want to do or try something: ‘We’re going clubbing this weekend. Are you up for it?’

b. talk shop — when colleagues talk about work when they could be relaxing and having fun: ‘Even though it was a New Year’s party, Chris and Ben spent all night talking shop.’

c. lose your bottle — when you no longer have the courage to do something: ‘I went to the bungee-jumping place but I lost my bottle at the last minute.’