Ты хочешь быть счастливым? / Do you want to be happy?

Reading articles “How to be happy” in the Internet I realize that a happy person should write about it. When you ask yourself: “What is really happiness?” I think that happiness has different meanings for each person and first of all, you should define what happiness means to you. For instance, a relationship, a job, time to have fun, material things, time to listen to music, go in for sport, healthy lifestyle or eat a piece of chocolate.

As for me, I am trying to think positively every single minute of my life because I do not want to waste my time to different unnecessary things, for example: argue. Of cause I believe that without sadness I can not understand what happiness is. Also, those two words like “sadness” and “happiness” are parallel because life can not be always as a big party.

I know exactly that you are a happy person because you have your family, your friends. You can feel, touch and smell the world.