Спасем нашу планету / Let`s Save Our Planet

We live on a beautiful planet. There are a lot of magnificent creatures on it. Different species of mammals, reptiles, birds and flowers surround us. But humans don`t note it.

Look out of the window! What do you see? Dark constructions, dirty streets, piteous stray dogs, many dumps. I can`t think that the human makes our planet such terrible! Humans destroy our planet. Humans kill animals to get money, souvenirs, perfume. For example, humans hunt on Arabian onyx to get its horns. They are used for ornaments. Humans damage ozone layer. It protects us from harmful radiation from space.

Nowadays people must decide such problems as green house effect and pollution. What do we know about green house effect? Do you know that the temperature in many towns becomes higher? It is so because of green house effect. Atmosphere surrounds our planet. Sunlight warms the atmosphere and can`t go back into space.

And what do we know about pollution? At first, people will be healthier if pollution of curs stops. Secondly, if different countries experience nuclear weapons, it will call to radioactive pollution. And if factories merge waste in rivers, water in it will be poisoned. People let`s keep our planet! Let`s keep our animals and plants! If we decide ecological problems, we will save our beautiful planet.