Смысл жизни / Meaning of life

Sometimes I think about the meaning of life when I am alone, before going to bed. I`m only 15 years old. I know, at this age, people think often about it. Is there any sense in life, really? Many scientists and psychologists can`t answer this question. I`ll try to answer this difficult question. I look often at my cat and think how beautiful this light-hearted cat lives. After all, probably cats don`t think about the meaning of life. If I am cat I could not live so aimless life. I decided long time ago what to do to my life will be able not just words. I set a goal which I will try whatever. I think it is my meaning of life. We must live, cherish life, because we live only once. I don`t understand those people who suicide. These people don`t appreciate life, they think than life is a toy. I think that the problem everyone is in the preparation of their own kind, it means to have children. It is not surprising that many countries, including Russia, gave remuneration for the second child in family. I don`t like man who can`t care about his health, who smokes, drinks a lot of alcohol, uses drugs. I think it must to live correctly and enjoy life. My motto is: «To live and enjoy life!«. I think that this motto must have every man!