Бабушка / My granny

The person who loves me more than anyone else in the world is my grandmother. Her whole appearance shows her kindness, tenderness, softness. She is of medium height, stout, isn`t very agile and energetic. But she does a lot of household chores every day.

Gentle and soft hands of granny do a lot of work: wasning, cleaning, baking. However I like it so much when she embraces me with these hands.

Her grey eyes are rarely severe, they radiate kindness, love and affection. Big bright eyes turn to the dark slits, black eyebrows go up, mouth opens into a smile, and I hear a mischievous laugh.

My grandmother has beautiful blonde hair. In her youthshe wove them into baids. For me she is the most beatiful and kind person.

I love my granny very much.