Атмосфера маленького сообщества / Small community atmosphere

What can I tell you about my school? First of all, it`s not a school. It`s a lyceum. I have been studying in lyceum №1547 for 1 year and 3 weeks. I love this lyceum very much because you can feel freedom here. We have some excellent teachers of English, Russian, Maths and Physics, so we can get good education here. But I love my lyceum not only for its teachers and education. I love it for its special atmosphere.

First of all the teachers don`t only teach you, they understand you and help. Then, all pupils have much in common. The third thing is that we take part in our lyceum life. I think it was an original and useful decision to give us the right to organize our life in lyceum. And I can say, that I have never been afraid of studying here, and every day I come in my lovely lyceum in a good mood. I am only afraid that soon I will finish my life in lyceum.

I feel great gratitude to our headmaster (director). I thank him for our lyceum.

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