Город / The City

What is it? It`s not easy to answer. And everyone will answer in different ways. Some of us supposes it is a place, where a lot of people live and work. Others will say: «The city is a fairytale, where every dream becomes true». And may be somebody rudely tell us, that «the city is a prison, which never let you go away».

Really, I don`t know what to say about it. The city can make you happy, it`s true,but it can take away everything you have.

I like the city, I can not live without it, it`s like a drug, and like an every addict, I`m afraid of it. It deceives you, you believe it, losing your mind. There are a lot of amusements, but don`t trust them, because you should remember, that the «stone jungle» is for the beasts .. not for us.

I know, it`s very difficult to understand and to believe. But look around, how many aloof faces and dead hearts do you see? ..