За и против изучения иностранного языка в естественной разговорной среде / What can you say for and against learning foreign language in a native speaking environment?

They say that it is better to study a foreign language in a native country, but there is another opinion: it is possible to learn it without going abroad. So we have different opinions which we’ll try to discuss.

Some people think that learning English abroad is more productive. Let’s discuss arguments “for”. Firstly, children, living in English-speaking country, have the opportunity not only studying language at school, but communicating with foreigners. Secondly, they may visit various concerts, shows and brush up English there. Thirdly, to know the language properly is impossible without knowledge of the native country’s history and its sights. How wonderful it is to visit historical places listening to excursions in English language!

But there are some arguments “against”. Firstly, it’s difficult to live far away from your family. Then, in my opinion, not every person could pay for such kind of education. And lastly, there is no necessity to study English abroad if you are not going to be an interpreter.

As for me, I may simply prove my English using special programs on-line. In the centre City & Guilds, for example. I have Internet at home and my parents will give me money for such courses. From the one hand, I would be with my family. From the other hand, it would be much cheaper.