My days off

I go to school five days a week, so I have two days off Saturday and Sunday (I’m lucky, because some other pupils have the only one day off). During the week I am very busy, so I like to have a rest on weekend. I am not an early riser and it is a rare Saturday or Sunday when I get up before 9 o’clock. I enjoy staying in bed, when 1 don’t have to hurry anywhere. We have late breakfast at 10 and watch TV. Usually we have something tasty: meat salad, fried potatoes, chicken, cake or pie. If the weather is fine, I usually do not stay indoors, I and my dog go outside. Often we go to the park and play there. If the weather is rainy and gloomy, I stay at home and watch TV, listen to the music, read, the books. After dinner we go visit our grandparents or relatives, or just simply take a nap. Sometimes when my friends call me we go roller — blading near the Opera theatre I like roller blading very much, I think it is a lot of fun. In the evenings I like to watch video and music programs. There is a big armchair in my room right beside the lamp with blue shade. If it is cold I like to sit there with cup of coffee and read. Sometimes I do something special on weekends: go to an art exhibition, to the theatre, to the consert. I always go to bed late on Sundays, and Monday morning is the nastiest thing through all the week. I like weekends very much, because I can rest and gain some energy for the next week.

1. How many day offs do you have?
2. When do you get up on Sunday?
3. What do you usually do during weekends?
4. What do you do if the weather in sunny?
5. Do you spend a lot of time with your friends?
6. Do you watch TV a lot?
7. What time do you go to bed?
8. Do you like weekends?