Наш город — Ростов / Our city — Rostov

We live in a very large country. Its regions differ very much. Our Rostov region is in the very South of Russia. It is rather big. It’s bigger than France. There are many cities and towns in Rostov region. But the biggest city is Rostov-on-Don, It’s the centre of Rostov region.

Its population is more than a million of People of different nationalities live in Rostov-on-Don. And as a rule different nations live in piece.

At first Rostov was a customs house, then it was a fortress.

Now Rostov-on-Don is a big industrial city. There are many plants and factories in it. There are many schools and universities. Rostov is an educational centre in the South of Russia.

My native town Bataysk is not far from Rostov. We may say that it is a part of Rostov.