Спорт в моей жизни / Sport in my life

Sport is very popular in Russia. However, the number of people who takes part in sport is quite small. A lot of people never exercise.

I like a lot of sports, but at the same time I practice only athletics and gymnastics. I don`t like baskettball and volleyball, but I like football, hockey and boxing. I am football fan of «Lokomotiv» and our hockey team «Salavat Ulaev». Also I am a football fan of players such as Dima Sychev, Renat Yanbaev, Andrey Arschavin, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Alan Dzagoev and Igor Akinfeev. My favourite hockey players are Alexandr Radulov and Alexandr Perezhogin.

I, my brother and my father often play football at home. We eat fresh friut and vegetables every day. We don`t smoke or drink alcohol. We all like to swimm. So I think I am guite actve person. Now I want to try myself in a table tennis. And what about you?