Моё путешествие / My trip

When I was 13 years old, my Mum took me abroad to have a rest and to see Europe. I fell in love in Italy. It was very magnificent country: Rom, Florence, Venice, Vatican, Pisa. Those cities were naturally connected with ancient time, with history. Small streets, the antiquarian markets, old bridges. I associate it with Romantisism. The most beautiful and favorite city, which I would visit again, was Verona. The city of «Romeo and Juliet «. Verona was a creation of art, city that was painted on various canvas. Rom was associated with fights: the Colosseum, The Forum, the days of Caesar. Venice-named «City of taste» was very beautiful and unforgettable: ancient buildings, boat transport, artistic gondoliers. I could go along the streets and feel sea freshness. The next country that made a great impression on me -it was France. The fist symbol that I saw was The Eifel Tower. I admired of Louver and Versailles. could see a lot of amaizing sculptures, fountains and pools. Fantastic lasagna, Neuschwanstein, Alexander Platz. I am very grateful to my parents because they gave me a chance to see that surprising world: Europe.